The Expendables 3 Trailer: You Guys are Nuts!

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The full length trailer for The Expendables 3 is here and we have to say, it’s got us thinking this is suddenly one of the must-see movies of summer!

The latest The Expendables 3 trailer actually introduces the new team and gives us a clear vision of their roles.

Mel Gibson is in fact the villain, as we thought, and now we know why. Seems that he and Sylvester Stallone had a falling out and it was the two of them that founded the entire The Expendables thing!

And how is Wesley Snipes involved? Well, he was a member of The Expendables, but got locked up by some foreign military dictator. Our guys swing into action and break him out… of a moving train!  

The Expendables 3 lands in theaters August 15 and until then, why not check out how it all got started and watch The Expendables online

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The Expendables 3 Quotes

How hard can it be to kill ten men?


Barney Ross: Better get out of that seat and move to the back, Christmas is coming.
Galgo: But it's only June...
Barney Ross: Galgo, get out of the seat!

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