The Penguins of Madagascar Trailer: It Just Feels Right

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The first trailer has premiered for The Penguins of Madagascar! The film takes our favorite characters from those Madagascar movies and gives them their first solo adventure. And this time out, they have some help from some all-star names like Benedict Cumberbatch!

Cumberbatch plays Wolf, the leader of an elite force of animals who live to ensure the safety and freedom of all animals who wish to be free. 

How do you think that will sit with our favorite penguins who think that they are the elite animal force in the world!

The above trailer also features some fantastic gags, including one of Skipper chewing cheese doodles while Cumberbatch’s Wolf is trying to explain what they do.

Might we say, this teaser is about as funny as the one that premiered earlier today -- the Dumb and Dumber To trailer? Is that sacrilege?

Or maybe, we’re just really excited for the November 26 release of The Penguins of Madagascar

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Penguins of Madagascar Quotes

Skipper: Follow me, boys! We're going in hot!
Private: [his butt goes on fire] Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot!
Skipper: No one likes a show off, Private.

Private: Are you my family?
Kowalski: You don't have a family, and we're all gonna die.
Private: What?
Skipper: What's the matter with you, Kowalski?

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