The Prince Trailer: Bruce Willis Tracks Down Jason Patric

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The classic revenge tale gets a shot in the arm, as you can see by the arrival of the trailer for The Prince.

Bruce Willis stars as a man who lives for finding the elusive Jason Patric. See, Patric had something to do with Willis’ family getting wiped out. Well, Patric kind of is a mob enforcer, so it was really his job. So, there’s that. 

Patric is suddenly back from hiding and Willis has ammo and that is Patric’s college-aged daughter whom he is holding captive until he gets his revenge, or at least a face-to-face.

The Prince lands in theaters August 22. And the title? That’s Patric’s character’s nickname!

Good to see Willis back in action again, so why not watch Die Hard online and see how Mr. Action Hero truly got his start! 

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