The Purge Anarchy Full Trailer: We Take Lives, Not Save Them

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The Purge: Anarchy has released its full trailer and we’ve come a long way from that first The Purge: Anarchy teaser and then the first The Purge: Anarchy trailer.

This time out, we get a full glimpse of what life is like for everyone else outside of the world that was established in the 2013 hit starring Ethan Hawke.

We also got a feeling that Frank Grillo’s character is out on a revenge mission that can only be possible on the one night a year where all crime is legal -- including murder. But, with this trailer, we learn that there are groups of people who kidnap people and auction off the right to kill them to the highest bidder.

This world of The Purge is sick, no?  

Writer-director James DeMonaco has greatly expanded the world he established in the first film and we get a real sense of the horrors that happen out in this New America during the yearly 12 hours of anarchy.

Watch The Purge online to get a feeling for what you’re in for when The Purge: Anarchy debuts July 13.

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