Top 13 Movies of 2014 So Far: What Is Number One?

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Although 2015 may be appearing to be the best year of movies we've seen in decades on paper, 2014 is already off to a fantastic start. 

As we are here at the halfway point, we are ready to name our Top 13 movies of 2014 so far and there are plenty of surprises on our list!

Usually the first third of a calendar year is where studios dump their movies that they do not know what to do with. Yet, in February, we got one of the best of the year in only the second month. Watch The LEGO Movie online and it becomes clear that this is one fantastic flick.

The same filmmakers who gave us that gem -- Phil Lord and Chris Miller -- make another appearance on our Top 13 of 2014 with the film that gave us those memorable 22 Jump Street quotes!   

And we have another that you can see right now that arrived back in January that still is stuck in our bones because it is so powerful. Watch Lone Survivor online and prepare to be inspired by the astounding true story of four Navy SEALs caught behind enemy lines in Afghanistan and their effort to stay alive.   

So, sit back and click through our Top 13 movies of 2014 (so far!). 

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