11 Most Iconic Comic-Con Moments: From The Avengers to Twilight Taking Over!

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With Comic-Con beginning in just days and Movie Fanatic heading to San Diego to bring our readers every little bit of news, footage, trailers, interviews and anything else we can dig up -- we decided to look back and let you know what have been the biggest Comic-Con moments in the fest's decades-long history. 

Watch 300 online and that movie's famous debut was one of our 11 moments that shook San Diego like a Southern California earthquake. 

When Christopher Nolan announced that the Joker would be his villain for the movie that can be seen when you watch The Dark Knight online, Jokers being everywhere in 2007 is another moment that makes our list!

And although Star Wars quotes are some of the most famous in the history of film, would you believe that a 1976 presentation at Comic-Con was to a room that was only half full?!

Click through and check out our 11 most iconic Comic-Con moments of all time!

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