13 Movies So Bad They're Good: Terrible & Terrific!

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Hollywood history is certainly filled with some incredibly terrible movies. But, what if a film is so bad it's actually good? 

We look back over the last 100 years of cinema and have come up with 13 movies that critical and audience consensus tell us we should not waste our time seeing them.

Watch Battleship online for just one example of that fact. But yet, why can't we look away? And, heaven forbid, we even go back and watch them again! Nicolas Cage has had a few of these types of movies, but when you watch Ghost Rider online, it's easily the best of his worst!

Sometimes a movie is so bad that it's great fun! We found 13 movies that embody that sentiment, and another example of that can be seen when you watch Abduction online and witness Taylor Lautner following up his Twilight success with an action movie that plays like a great comedy! 

Click through and enjoy our 13 movies that are so bad they're good. 

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