15 Shocking Oscar-Winning Follow-Ups: Hollywood High to Low

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Winning an Academy Award is the highest honor one can achieve in the movie business. For actors, actresses and directors, after earning an Oscar, one can do almost anything. 

So, how would you explain the 15 movies that these 15 Oscar winners chose to do next after their big win? 

Watch Goodfellas online and there is Joe Pesci killing us on so many levels. His next film, downright horrible! 

And when you watch Silver Linings Playbook online, you'll never believe the schlock that Jennifer Lawrence released after that Oscar win!

Do you remember what the Oscar winner that can be seen when you watch Gladiator online followed that Ridley Scott classic with? I bet Russell Crowe wishes you didn't!

So, click through our slideshow below and witness 15 Academy Award winners and the shocking movies that they made next after winning Oscar gold.

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