15 Top Technology Gone Wrong Movies: Bad Technology, Bad!

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Technology is meant to be a tool to help humans forge a better life as we head into the future. But, sometimes in the movies, that does not work out so well.

Watch The Terminator online and you'll see a world where Skynet even starts a nuclear war that wipes humans off the face of the earth. And those who survive are pursued by machines and exterminated. 

Oftentimes these movies can be cheesy and truly become more funny than fierce.

But, we found 15 movies where technology is the villain that have stood the test of time and all have managed to not look or feel dated -- an impressive feat for a movie where technology is a major character, as tech changes every day!

Watch The Matrix online and there's another world where the use of technology that we created is used against us! 

Click through and marvel at our 15 top technology movies that show that tech in the wrong hands is so much worse than living in the stone age. 

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