17 Shocking Sequels That Are Coming Soon: Why, Just Why?!

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Hollywood loves the word "franchise" as much as any that is in our vocabulary. That's why when studios see a chance to green light a sequel, they go for it. 

But, we found 17 examples of sequels that are currently in development that have us scratching our heads while we're shaking our heads in disbelief. 

Watch Zoolander online and know that Ben Stiller is trying to find the funny once again for his male model story. Check out these Pineapple Express quotes and know that James Franco and Seth Rogen are hard at work coming up with some new ones for Pineapple Express 2

And one sequel that has been in the works forever that has finally gained some momentum has us wondering what on earth they can do with the character you meet when you watch Top Gun online. It's a whole new world and Maverick is 30 years older! What's up with that?

So click through the slideshow below and see the 17 shocking sequels that are coming soon, like it or not. 

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