17 Villains That Need Origins Stories: Bad to the Beginning

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With the success of Maleficent, the origins story of the Sleeping Beauty villain, we have an idea!

What about more movies coming our way that inform us how a classic movie evildoer became so darn bad?

We present 17 villains that we want to see in origins story form!

There are some fantastic -- heck, iconic -- villains across the pantheon of Hollywood history. Surely, there is a rich history behind every single one of them. Heath Ledger won an Oscar for being the Joker and you can see him in action when you watch The Dark Knight online. We want to know... how did the Joker become so Joke-y?!

Watch Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone online and there’s a hint of the beginnings of Voldemort… we want the full story in a movie solely devoted to he who shall not be named.

Then there’s Lex Luthor. Watch Superman Returns online and there's one terrific Luthor given to us by Kevin Spacey. Smallville gave us a hint of an origins for him, but how about an entire movie built around one of Superman’s main villains and how he became that way.

Click through and discover 17 movie villains that we want to go back to the beginning with and find out how they got so deliciously devilish! 

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