21 Best Comic Book Movie Performances: Boom! Pow!

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As we get firmly entrenched in Comic-Con and we bring you the best that Hollywood is teasing for the upcoming years, we're reminded of one fact.

Sure, we're going to talk to the cast of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and even Daniel Radcliffe for Horns

But this annual pop culture convention was founded and is at its greatest when it is firmly promoting comic book-based movies. Heck, it's in the title of the convention!

And we were so inspired by what we've seen so far here at Comic-Con, that we looked back over comic book movie history and singled out the 21 greatest turns by any actor or actress in a comic book movie. 

Watch The Avengers online and there might be one or two in that flick. And there is a certain someone who won an Oscar for his role that can be seen when you watch The Dark Knight online

Then, there's the Marvel of a performance that was downright legendary that you see when you watch X-Men online

So, who are these 21 "super" comic book movie stars? 

Click through and enjoy our 21 best comic book movie performances of all time!

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