21 Heist Movies That Steal Our Hearts: Crime Pays!

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The heist movie is one of the more thrilling rides in the thriller genre. When a good heist movie really cooks, it is on fire with thrills, cool characters and, above all else, something to lose that keeps the suspense level uber-high. 

Watch Inception online and there's an example of a movie about the most unique of heists that truly keeps us guessing. And by the end, the one who truly scores the bounty is the audience. 

Including that Christopher Nolan movie, we found 21 heist movies that truly steal the day and are among the best that have ever been made. 

Another one that makes our elite group of crooks can be seen when you watch Jackie Brown online. In fact, Quentin Tarantino has two movies in our slideshow! 

Who else makes our list? Here's a hint... watch The Usual Suspects online and you had to know that Bryan Singer classic scored!

Click through and discover our 21 heist movies that steal our hearts.

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