Ant-Man: Michael Douglas Expresses “Disappointment” Over Edgar Wright Exit

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Michael Douglas was all set to be a part of his first big comic book movie with Ant-Man. Sure, he’s still a part of the production. But he is clearly upset over the Edgar Wright exit from the project.

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“He’s a wonderful talent. It was very disappointing, yeah. It was a big disappointment and more so for him because he had a lot of years invested and he was really the one initially who got them to even consider it, you know, the screenplay that he wrote,” Douglas said in a round table while talking about his movie And So It Goes.

“I’m not the producer on it and I’m an actor for hire, and Marvel certainly has a pretty amazing track record, rightly or wrongly. So I think it just was that kind of combination where although they like the idea of the individual and somebody with Edgar’s individual spirit and everything, maybe it just collided with an operation. I think they’re all on relatively decent terms.”

And then he gave us some great news: looks like Ant-Man will be joining Mark Ruffalo and Avengers: Age of Ultron at Comic-Con for Marvel. 

“Yeah! I’m going to Comic-Con,” Douglas proudly stated. He’s even bringing his son!

“I promised I’m taking him out of camp. But we gotta be back here. I’ve gotta give a cancer speech on Sunday morning. Marvel’s on Saturday night. So we’re gonna fly all night back and drop him at camp like at 5:30, 6 in the morning in the Adirondacks, and come down and talk to 2,000 head and neck surgeons.”

But, then the next month, he’ll be busy with Ant-Man. “August, yeah. Yeah, I’m gonna go do Ant-Man in August in Atlanta.”

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