Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Surprises Comic-Con!

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They said they weren’t coming, but with the 75th anniversary of Batman and Warner Bros. having the pop culture stage all to themselves this Saturday morning at Comic-Con, we should not be surprised that Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is here!

Zack Snyder took the stage in Hall H and revealed 3D versions of the Batman photo and the Superman photo we’ve seen before, but they never looked this good. Then, it faded into the Dawn of Justice logo, which we hope to have officially from Warner’s soon!

“A teeny little thing,” Snyder said as he introduced a clip from the movie to the utterly fanatical audience.

We see Ben Affleck as Batman standing on a Gotham roof in the rain. He moves a tarp, which reveals the Bat Signal. As he removes it and it illuminates the sky, the camera pans to the sky and there is… Superman! Henry Cavill’s eyes darken, as he is clearly none too pleased. Then, it fades into the logo.

Hey, it’s something and tells us that this thing is way on the right track. It looks a bit Frank Miller and is incredibly dark, which also works in the biggest of ways.

Then, Affleck, Cavill and Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) show up on the stage to thunderous applause. We see the character posters, including Wonder Woman who is utterly warriored-up!

We’re sure these will all be online soon and we’ll bring them to you, but until then, we had to dish the details of the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice surprise Comic-Con appearance!

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