Dawn of the Planet of the Apes TV Trailer: That's a Lot More Than 80!

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The latest, and final, TV trailer for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes has landed and in it, star Gary Oldman lets his true feelings about the apes be known. 

Jason Clarke has encountered the apes, and when he returns to the human base camp, Oldman asks him how many apes he saw in their stronghold. He replies, "80 or 90." 

When the apes show up to make their presence felt, the doors to the human compound open and Oldman can't believe his eyes. 

This last TV spot also lets us know how the critics feel about the film, with many calling it a "masterpiece."

This teaser also arrives just days after we got those three thrilling Dawn of the Planet of the Apes prequel short films that are must-sees before you take in one of our summer movie must-sees

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[addressing a crowd] We've been through hell together! We spent four years, FOUR YEARS fighting that virus, and then another four fighting each other! It was chaos!... But you all know what we're up against! And I want you to know, it's not just about power! It's about giving us the hope to rebuild, to reclaim the world we lost!


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