Deliver Us From Evil Exclusive: Joel McHale is Ready For Action

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Audiences will get to see a different side of Joel McHale when the horror-thriller Deliver Us From Evil premieres July 2. He plays the police partner of Eric Bana, and the two are hot on the trail trying to solve a series of crimes that clearly have a possession element to them.

We caught up with McHale for an exclusive video interview where the star of Community and Talk Soup talked about the pressures of taking a role that was written for him specifically by director Scott Derrickson. The fact that it is an action movie from Jerry Bruckheimer that involved him training for a knife fight wasn't too much pressure, either!

“There’s a side of me that wanted to show that he made the right choice,” McHale said of Derrickson. “I hopefully filled up the character for him. It was insanely flattering. It’s not what I planned on when I got here 14 years ago.”  

McHale, who is making his first foray into drama teased in the Deliver Us From Evil trailer, joins another comic who does drama quite well -- Robin Williams -- in the upcoming film Merry Friggin’ Christmas. McHale dishes what it meant to him to come so far as to appear with one of his idols.

“If you had said to me when I got here to L.A. that you are going to do a movie where you play Robin Williams’ son, I would say, ‘You have made some mistake,’” McHale admitted. “He’s a tremendous human being and one of the smartest people I’ve ever met.”

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