Pixels Comic-Con Video: Peter Dinklage Wants You!

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Pixels is here at Comic-Con in the most impeccably astounding way. They are taking over part of the Hard Rock Hotel, as Comic-Con rages across the street at the San Diego Convention Center, and they've turned it into a classic video arcade from the '80s. 

How perfect is that given the film's premise about aliens misinterpreting signals from Earth as a threat from us? These signals come in the form of '80s video games, and as such, the aliens decide on a preemptive strike to attack Earth in the form of what is threatening them -- Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and a slew of other classic games. 

The president (Kevin James) enlists the help of some classic video game players (led by Adam Sandler, Josh Gad and Peter Dinklage). And it's Dinklage, in character, that has a message for you in the following video. 

We reported on how Pixels revealed the arcade games that would be in the movie and all of those are expected to be in full force at the Sony location inside the Hard Rock Hotel here at Comic-Con.   

So stop by, and you may have more than just fun. The high score winner at each of the games will be entered for a chance to have a walk-on role in Pixels as it shoots in Toronto. 

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