Planes Fire and Rescue Exclusive: Julie Bowen Reveals Celebrity Crushes!

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As you can see in the Planes: Fire and Rescue trailer, Julie Bowen’s Lil’ Dipper is just slightly excited to be fighting fires alongside her celebrity crush, Dusty (Dane Cook).

A lot has happened since the first Planes. Dusty has gone on to become one of the finest plane racers on the planet. But, his airport runs into tough times and it's about to be closed unless they can get another firefighting certified aircraft ready to help aging Mayday (Hal Holbrook).

Dusty heads to the woods to be trained in aerial firefighting by the best, including Bowen’s Lil’ Dipper.

We caught up with Bowen for an exclusive video interview and had to start the interview by asking if there was any celebrity that gets her utterly giddy. “Oh, there are so many,” Bowen said and laughed.

To see who the Modern Family star's celebrity crushes are, you’ll have to watch our video below!

Bowen also talks about how, as a mother of three boys, being in a Disney movie was huge for her. There was one thing that Disney had to promise her though for her to commit. “I had to be a toy,” she admitted!

Watch Planes online to get ready for the big sequel that lands on screens July 18. 

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