The Maze Runner Posters: Dylan O'Brien Is Running!

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As teased in that first The Maze Runner trailer, Dylan O’Brien plays a young man who awakes in an elevator that is taking him up to the surface. As he gets there, he has no memory of how he got there, where he is or who he is. But one thing is immediately apparent on this landscape: The maze!

20th Century Fox released a whole series of The Maze Runner posters that reminds us why we fell in love with movie posters in the first place. They’re artistic, informative and several are downright trippy!

O’Brien (fresh from his scene-stealing turn in The Internship) is a perfect choice to take the lead of the cast that includes Kaya Scodelario, Will Poulter, Ki Hong Lee and Patricia Clarkson.

The Maze Runner lands in theaters September 19 and is based on the riveting novel by James Dashner that follows Thomas (O’Brien) who awakes in the middle of a maze, along with a handful of other boys. They tell him they have spent their days at this place trying to figure a way out. It appears, that one does not exist. 

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The Maze Runner Quotes

We don't belong here. Somebody built the maze. I think it's time we find out what we're really up against.


Alby: My name is Alby. Now, can you tell me anything about yourself, who you are?
Thomas: What is this place?
Alby: Let me show you. Hope you're not afraid of heights. Let's go. Come on. This is all we got.
Thomas: What's out there?
Alby: We only have three rules. First, do your part. Second, never harm another Glader. Most importantly, never go beyond those walls.

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