The Purge Anarchy: Zach Gilford Talks "Therapeutic" Movie Making With Wife!

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For The Purge: Anarchy star Zach Gilford, the joy of being in a big time summer movie sequel was not the only joy of making the horror flick.

We caught up with Gilford, the former star of Friday Night Lights, for an exclusive video interview where he extolled the joyous virtues and the rarest of gifts of making a movie with his real life wife, Kiele Sanchez.

“We’re going to be able to show this to our kids,” Gilford said. “They’ll be like, ‘What is this crazy movie you were in!'"

As you can see in that first The Purge: Anarchy trailer, Gilford and Sanchez play a married couple whose marriage is on the ropes. As the clock ticks towards the annual Purge -- where all crime is legal for 12 hours -- their car breaks down!

Lucky for them, they run into Frank Grillo!

While they are avoiding those that want them dead on this awful night, the two are fighting with each other and finding ways to either give up on their marriage or make it work. It was something Gilford and Sanchez  felt comfortable doing.

“Those scenes where they’re not getting along, everybody’s gotten in an argument -- so we know how to do it,” he admitted.

“And it made us laugh at ourselves afterwards. It was a little therapeutic!”  

Prepare for The Purge: Anarchy and watch The Purge online!

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