The Purge Anarchy Photos: Chaos Rules the Night

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The Purge: Anarchy has released a series of photos from the wildly anticipated sequel to The Purge

Our shots include looks at the cast, including Frank Grillo -- who is on a Purge to avenge the death of his son, as teased in that The Purge: Anarchy trailer

Grillo meets up with a few others who happen to be caught out on the one night a year where all sorts of murder and mayhem are legal. He is confronted with a major moral dilemma that will haunt his entire evening. 

The Purge: Anarchy lands in theaters July 18, and stay with Movie Fanatic as we take you on a journey as we experience our own Purge and run our exclusive videos with the cast next week! 

Stay safe, and enjoy The Purge: Anarchy slideshow.

To get caught up on all things Purge, watch The Purge online and see how this entire chaos got started. 

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