Weekend Movie Preview: July 25, 2014

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The weekend movie preview is pretty action-packed for this final weekend in July. 

We've got Dwayne Johnson in action in the sword-and-sandal epic Hercules. And Scarlett Johansson swings into action for Luc Besson in the sci-fi head turner Lucy.

Let's break it down...

Hercules: Johnson could not have been a better choice to play the title character. Not only does he look like him (clearly), but at his current age, it truly works in this story of a war-weary hero who is ready to settle into the simple life. Of course we know that doesn't last very long and he's swept up into a whole new adventure.

Our Hercules review pointed out that this works on two levels -- the joy of watching Johnson in a role he was born to play and director Bratt Ratner truly coming into his own as a filmmaker.

Lucy: Johansson and Besson have joined forces to bring to the screen an action flick that makes your brain work hard. It's the rarest of combinations, but considering it is written and directed by the man who brought us The Professional and The Fifth Element, that should hardly surprise.

Johansson's Lucy becomes an unwilling drug mule by having drugs surgically implanted in her. When she's punched in the gut, they are released and she gains super human abilities. Her brain has become unlocked. As our Lucy review reported, this is a fantastic use of both Johansson's and Besson's talents. 

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