Weekend Movie Preview: July 4, 2014

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The weekend movie preview for this Fourth of July weekend has something for everyone and a few of these flicks should set off some fireworks. 

We've got Melissa McCarthy heading out on a comic road trip in Tammy, Eric Bana is fighting demons in Deliver Us From Evil, the kids (and their parents!) will adore the little alien in Earth to Echo, and Mark Ruffalo and Keira Knightley make beautiful music in Begin Again.

Let's break it down...

Tammy: McCarthy stars in her first truly headlining role as the title character, and to say she's not having a good time when we meet her is an understatement. She loses her job. Her husband is cheating and her car dies! Reluctantly, she agrees to take her grandmother (Susan Sarandon) with her on a road trip so she can get out of town and, frankly, grandma's car is the only one she has access to. 

The cast is fantastic and they do the best they can with a pretty formulaic comedy. It's a good fit for McCarthy, our Tammy review reported, but we hope that she and writer-director husband Ben Falcone try to push the comedic envelope more in their next feature.

Deliver Us From Evil: Bana stars as the real life NYPD officer Ralph Sarchie. Sarchie worked with a priest (played by Edgar Ramirez in the movie) to try to solve a series of brutal crimes that appeared to be demonic possession based.

Our Deliver Us From Evil review pointed out that the film never quite melds the worlds of cop drama and exorcism horror movie, but it still is a pretty good thrill ride with a stellar cast, including Joel McHale playing against type!

Earth to Echo: This film, that clearly is inspired by E.T., totally surprised us with how good it is and its ability to tell a story we feel we know in a whole new light. It's a point-of-view film where what we see is what is filmed by a group of boys who are determined to make their last few days together special. See, they all have to move away because a freeway is getting built in their neighborhood.

What they find is an alien lost from home, whom they must help find his way to his ship and avoid capture by the government. Yeah, it sounds familiar, but it is told in such a fresh way, our Earth to Echo review reported, that both kids and parents should love this ride. And that alien is so darn cute!

Begin Again: The writer-director of Once is back, and once again, he has delivered a tale based in music that hits all the right notes and is an emotional treasure. Ruffalo is a washed-up music exec. Knightley is a singer-songwriter mending a broken heart. Together they make an album and the film scores on so many levels. For more, check out our Begin Again review and prepare to fall in love with this gem.

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