11 Blockbuster Movie Mistakes: Enormous Errors!

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We expect our movies to give us a story that entertains, but also is accurate for goodness sakes! So, how do you explain these movie mistakes from 11 of the most popular films in the last several decades? 

Watch Mr. & Mrs. Smith online and there's a glaring error that could easily have been caught in editing. Or at least it could have been cut around!

We also found a pretty big mistake that you can catch too when you watch Titanic online. It's actually a pretty neat trick. We know James Cameron is a wizard of movie magic, but adjusting history? That's a truly special talent!

And time is seriously played with in the movie that can be seen when you watch The Goonies online. Wonder what we mean?

Then check out our 11 movie mistakes from blockbuster flicks!

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