11 Unconventional Romances: Love Is Strange

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Love is strange, so said a wise person once, and that is never more true than in these 11 unconventional romance movies that get our heart pounding every time we see them. 

Sure, a straightforward romance is good -- if you're into that sort of thing.

But, we like our love stories on the stranger side and by that we mean, love that doesn't come at you as obvious. Watch Wall-E online and you'll see what we mean. Tell us that that Pixar movie isn't wildly romantic -- in the most unusual of ways. 

And watch Warm Bodies online and admit it's impossible to not fall in love with Nicholas Hoult's zombie? He's so cute and lovelorn, Teresa Palmer doesn't stand a chance at resisting him. 

And then there's the unconventional love story at the heart of what you see when you watch Brokeback Mountain online. And it's not because it's two men who fall for each other. It's how director Ang Lee weaves his heartbreaking tale that makes it one of the most powerful romances ever made -- period. 

Click through and discover our 11 most unconventional love stories... and prepare to fall in love!

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