13 Sequels That Replaced Stars: No Sequel For You!

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When a movie gets a sequel, it's because the first film (clearly) did well. Audiences responded to the story and the actors playing the characters.

But, sometimes, when a studio green lights a sequel, they must think that the franchise weighs more than the people playing the characters in the previous film. 

We found 13 movies that had sequels that moved forward with different stars, thinking that things were just fine. 

There are numerous examples of this working out. And then there's what you see when you watch Speed online and then think of Speed 2. Love you, Jason Patric, but you are no Keanu Reeves when it comes to carrying on the Speed legacy.

Watch Iron Man 2 online, and where's Terrence Howard? Why, he's been replaced by Don Cheadle, and honestly, that is a very good thing! 

See, it can work out both ways!

So, sit back and click through and discover 13 movie sequels that moved on with new actors!

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