13 Top Movie Quote Makers: They Wrote It, We Repeat It!

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Writing and producing a movie is no easy task. Having lines from that movie become said over and over again by generations as beloved quotes is a whole different level of resonance. 

Certain writers and filmmakers have the knack for movie quotes that are almost uncanny. We found 13 that top the list of best movie quote makers of recent memory. 

Watch Pulp Fiction online and you know Quentin Tarantino had to be on our list. You know you know someone -- if not yourself -- who could name at least 25 Tarantino movie lines... right now!

Then, there are the comic movie quote magicians. Watch Anchorman online and its creator is a man who is truly just beginning his lifelong effort to putting funny movie quotes in our mouths. 

Click through and check out our list of the 13 top movie quote makers in recent memory.

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