15 Iconic Movie Opening Scenes: Masterful First Moments

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When a movie begins, audiences usually decide within a few minutes whether they are on board or not. Usually a filmmaker can grab a viewer over the first act, but it's hard to argue that an incredible opening scene is worth its weight in gold. 

Hundreds of thousands of movies over the history of movies have employed solid and even great movie opening scenes, but only a handful can be labeled iconic. 

We found 15 iconic opening scenes, and do you think it's a coincidence that they are from some of the most beloved movies of all time? Hardly! 

So, who makes the list? Watch The Matrix online and you know within moments that you have never seen a movie like what the Wachowskis are giving you ever before. 

Watch Skyfall online and there's a Bond movie that uses that action-heavy opening sequence that is always seen in a James Bond movie staple and takes it to a whole new level. 

One last tease... how about that opening scene that can be seen when you watch Star Trek online? J.J. Abrams won over those longtime Star Trek fans in those first moments, didn't he?! 

So, sit back and click through our slideshow of 15 iconic movie opening scenes and we guarantee you'll want to watch the rest of these movies -- like right now!

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