17 Best Graphic Novels Made Movies: Page-to-Screen Sensations!

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Taking a graphic novel and making it a Hollywood movie is actually not that new in Hollywood. The Rocketeer did it in the early '90s!

But, of late, it has become all the rage for studios to take beloved graphic novels and bring them to the big screen. 

However, they are not all created equal. We name 17 of the best!

Watch 300 online and there's a virtual masterpiece from Zack Snyder that not only showed how you take a graphic novel and do it right cinematically, but it is a movie that also redefined filmmaking as a whole! 

There's also the magic that can be seen when you watch Sin City online. Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller joined forces and did what is one of the best jobs ever of literally taking Miller's graphic novel and putting it frame-by-frame in a movie.

And now that the sequel, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, is giving us the next chapter in Miller's world, let's look back and name the best of the best graphic novels made into movies.

Click through and enjoy our 17 best graphic novels made into movies.

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