21 Worst Performances in Blockbuster Movies: Terrible Turns!

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Movies become blockbusters for a number of reasons. And sometimes, it is in spite of the performance of one its leads! 

We found 21 blockbuster movies that were enormous successes -- some have even become iconic. And yet, there is an actor or actress in it who turned in work that was less than solid. In many cases, it was downright terrible. 

Watch Avatar online and you have the highest grossing movie of all time and one performer we adore, who just was not at their best. 

Then there's the turn by this superstar that can be seen when you watch Armageddon online. Who do you think we're talking about?! 

Want one more clue? 

Watch Knocked Up online and that film became legendary, despite what we think is one who wishes they weren't in this movie!

Click through and discover our 21 worst performances in blockbuster movies!

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