23 Iconic Movie Monologues: From Pulp Fiction to A Few Good Men

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When an actor gets a script and there's a rich monologue there, they must start drooling. Then, they might get nervous.

It takes a special talent to deliver on the promise of what was written in the script and deliver it with nothing but you and a camera and an awaiting audience.

We found 23 of what we think are the best movie monologues for actors that truly knocked our socks off. 

Watch Pulp Fiction online and there's one of the most iconic ones ever -- thank you, Samuel L. Jackson, for making our toes curl in fear of you!

Then there's the one that can be seen when you watch Independence Day online that had us ready to fight those aliens!

And we were reminded of his amazing work with the recent passing of Robin Williams. Watch Good Will Hunting online and you will be mesmerized by a little monologue given by Williams on a park bench that sets Matt Damon straight. 

Click through and discover which 23 actors gave us the most astounding monologues in the movies!

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