40 Rare Superstar Audition Tapes: Brad Pitt & Robert Downey Jr. Try Backdraft?

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Auditioning for anything as an actor or actress is the most  grueling and emotionally tough thing you can go through. But, sometimes, it's totally worth it and great things happen. 

Prank Media has compiled a video compilation of 40 of our biggest stars before they were famous, as they were trying to make it like millions of performers before them. Would you believe that both Robert Downey Jr. and Brad Pitt auditioned for Ron Howard's Backdraft? Yup, and it's on the video below!

Also, Carrie Fisher's Star Wars audition is here! And watch the man who would make it big in the movie you can see when you watch Titanic online in his early audition! Oh, Leo, we even loved you back then! 

Watch The Matrix online and we've got its star in a way-early audition that he totally nails! And before he would utter these Superbad quotes and become uber-famous, Michael Cera had to try out! 

The above video is such a reminder that these superstars had to start somewhere and that somewhere was as unglamorous as can be!  

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Brad Pitt

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Brad Pitt my be the best looking man on the planet. And he's having sex with Angelina Jolie.

The actor is actually underrated, in terms of his talent. Pitt has been nominated for an Oscar - for his role in 12 Monkeys - and has put on masterful performances in Se7en, Babel and Fight Club.

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