9 Worst Summer Movies of 2014: Summertime Movie Misfires

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We presented you with the top 17 movies of summer 2014, and now it's time to look at the other end of that quality spectrum. 

Ladies and gentlemen, Movie Fanatic announces the 9 worst movies of summer 2014 that audiences were better off just staying home. 

And it's a star-studded group of movies that featured Cameron Diaz, Elizabeth Banks, Mark Wahlberg and the sequel to the movie you can see when you watch Sin CIty online

Many of these movies were among the most anticipated of 2014, but when they arrived on screens, we collectively wondered, "For that we got excited?"

For Banks' fans, you'd be much better off when you watch Catching Fire online than the mess she produced in early May!

Click through and witness the 9 worst movies of summer 2014 that you should avoid like a terrible sunburn.

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