Exodus Gods and Kings Photos: Christian Bale Fights, Sigourney Weaver Stares

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Fox has released two stills from the highly anticipated Ridley Scott biblical epic Exodus: Gods and Kings. The first photo (in the slideshow below) features Christian Bale as Moses and it looks like he is more than ready for a fight.

The second photo features Sigourney Weaver, who portrays the mother to Joel Edgerton’s Ramses and also serves as a type of adoptive mother to Bale’s Moses.

See, Ramses and Moses were raised like and act like brothers. It is only when God visits Moses and asks him to carry out the Herculean task of freeing the Jews held as slaves in Egypt that things get truly thorny. 

Check out the Exodus: Gods and Kings trailer and one can see why Scott is most proud of this work than anything he’s done in years.

The photos appeared in EW and Bale talked about his role as one of the most famous men to ever walk the planet. “He’s one of the most fascinating characters I’ve ever studied,” Bale admitted.

“All of his trials, his troubled life and his doubts, his rages and his extremes. Can you imagine if he was alive today? He’d probably be on trial in the Hague!”

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Exodus: Gods and Kings Quotes

Ramses: Who has been telling you this?
Moses: God.

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You say that you didn't... cause all this. You say this is not your fault. So let's just see who's more effective at killing


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