Hitman Agent 47 Photo Compares Rupert Friend to Video Game Character

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Fox has released a side-by-side image from the upcoming film Hitman: Agent 47 that shows its star, Rupert Friend, and the video game character that inspired the movie. It is stunning and you can check it out in the slideshow below, along with all our Hitman: Agent 47 stills.

The Hitman video game franchise landed in 2000 and has become one of the most popular of all-time. There was a 2007 film, starring Timothy Olyphant that too was based on the game, and that did OK.

Now, Fox is rebooting it with Friend in the lead and just judging by these first photos, and especially the side-by-side pic of Friend and the video game character, we’re already more excited for this version.

Friend is the title character, who is a genetically engineered assassin and look for the film to follow him tracing how he got that way -- and probably getting a little justice along the way.

Look for Hitman: Agent 47 in theaters February 27, 2015.

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