Horns Character Posters: Daniel Radcliffe Brings Out the Devil In Us

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Horns has released a pair of character posters that puts the spotlight firmly on the two characters that drive the story, played by Daniel Radcliffe and Juno Temple.

As seen in the Horns trailer, Radcliffe is living a life of bliss when his girlfriend (Temple) is brutally murdered.

Everyone in the small town he lives in believes that he has done it. What makes matters worse is that when he awakes one day, he has horns coming out of his head. Is he the devil?

As the tagline for Radcliffe’s poster says, “He will bring out the devil in you.” Which is interesting, because the tagline for Temple’s poster doesn’t paint her as so innocent: “She was his beauty, now she’s his curse.”

Makes you think, no? 

Horns is based on the novel by Joe Jill, and as Radcliffe told us at Comic-Con, he was thrilled to go dark in his effort to further and further move away from the shadow of Harry Potter.

Look for Radcliffe to go devilish when Horns hits theaters on Halloween!

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