Seventh Son Trailer & Poster Premiere: Jeff Bridges Gets Medieval

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The Seventh Son trailer and poster is finally here. We first covered Seventh Son at Comic-Con over 14 months ago and we could not be more thrilled to finally get our first true look at the medieval action flick that stars Jeff Bridges as the man who will train Ben Barnes to become the warrior he is meant to be.

Bridges and Barnes must work with co-stars Kit Harrington and Djimoun Hounsou to defeat an evil witch, expertly cast with Julianne Moore sinking her teeth into the role.

Seventh Son also stars Olivia Williams, Antje Traue and Alicia Vikander and follows a world where “legends and magic collide,” and the last warrior of a magical order (Bridges) sets out on a journey to find the one who was prophesized (Barnes) to be the only one who can save their world from that aforementioned evil witch.

This is a reunion of sorts for Bridges and Moore. Watch The Big Lebowski online and check them out in their first pairing! 

Seventh Son also released a series of stills and their new poster. Click through the slideshow below to witness the medieval magic of Seventh Son!

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