Sin City A Dame to Kill For: Joseph Gordon Levitt Talks Reuniting With “Doc Brown!”

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For Joseph Gordon Levitt, joining the cast of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For wasn’t just about diving into the world of Frank Miller that we first were introduced to with those Sin City quotes in 2005. It was purely about working with director Robert Rodriguez and heading to his Austin, Texas-based filmmaking empire, Troublemaker Studios.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Joseph Gordon-Levitt

“I was so inspired by that particular aspect,” Levitt admitted to Movie Fanatic.

“Here is a filmmaker who has decided to make his own world, his own industry, and do it his way. The fact that you [can] drive just outside of Austin and not only does he have the ability to shoot whatever he wants, all of the cutting is going on next door and the visual effects and music and everything else. I really, really admire that.”

A perk of the entire experience was also to share an unforgettable scene with legendary actor Christopher Lloyd. Of course, he is best known for his role as Doc Brown that you can see when you watch Back to the Future online.

Lloyd portrays the most sickest of doctors, who helps Levitt’s new-to-Sin City character out of a bind. “I love that scene, man. I love getting to see Christopher Lloyd getting to do something dark,” Levitt said.

Levitt actually worked with Lloyd a long time ago -- he’s the angel in Angels in the Outfield! “This was our reunion. You couldn’t ask for a movie that was more diametrically opposed to Angels in the Outfield than Sin City,” Levitt said and laughed.

“He’s this junkie in dirty clothes, but he’s got this almost poetic self-talking soliloquy while he’s setting my bones with popsicle sticks! He’s Doc Brown, but he’s a really strong actor that can do a lot of different things applying that energy that he brings to a character like Doc Brown in Back to the Future, but putting it in the dark flavor of a Frank Miller world. He’s really entertaining.”

Sin City A Dame to Kill For Joseph Gordon Levitt Christopher Lloyd

As shown in the Sin City: A Dame to Kill For trailer, Levitt has one of the more memorable entrances in the movies this year. For Levitt, the magic of this world dates back to the first time he saw Sin City. “I remember when the first one came out, going to the movie theater and saying to myself, ‘I’ve never seen anything like this,’” he said.

The actor with decades of work under his belt was inspired by the wildly creative environment that reminded him why he got into the craft in the first place. “I actually really loved acting in just the green environment and fully embracing an abandonment of realism, of reality. We’re going into a graphic novel. We’re going into the mind of Frank Miller,” Levitt said.

“Yeah, the sky isn’t perfect detail. It’s actually just pure black and the snow is pure white. We’re not in the real world. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for when we go to the movies? This movie delivers that. So just getting to become part of that world and play a Rodriguez badass -- it was such a thrill to get to do it.”

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