Star Wars Episode VII: Harrison Ford Returns to Cockpit

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After production was delayed due to Harrison Ford’s broken leg, today we’ve learned that Star Wars: Episode VII is back shooting the film that is due December 18, 2015.

Star Wars Cast in Millenium Falcon

Ford has fully healed and shooting is happening again at Pinewood Studios.

We were a little concerned when we first heard that the injury was as serious as it turned out to be. Ford’s character has a huge part in J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan’s Star Wars: Episode VII script and the idea of them having to shift the storyline was frankly quite scary.

But alas, Abrams took the time while Ford healed to get some exterior shots, take care of some special effects work and shoot a few scenes with actors not involved in Ford’s scenes.

For many 72-year-olds who suffer an injury like Ford did, it could mean a six-month healing process. But, given what fantastic shape the man who embodies Han Solo was in when he entered the shoot, his healing process was -- thankfully -- much shorter.

Although rumors flew that the release date would have to be pushed back due to Ford's injury and that Disney refused, Abrams didn’t flinch and kept at it. And we are happy to report that Star Wars: Episode VII will (still) be landing in theaters as planned in time for Christmas 2015. 

Now, we can get back to wondering about those Star Wars: Episode VII villain rumors... and if a certain Sith lord will return?!

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