Star Wars Episode VII: Will Darth Vader Appear?!

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Star Wars rumors come and Star Wars rumors go, but we’ve got one that has got some serious meat on its bones. Star Wars Episode VII is currently back in production, judging by this Mark Hamill photo in full Jedi beard mode. And we’ve heard rumblings as to who the villains could be (Adam Driver, perhaps?).

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Do not read ahead if you do not want any spoilers, because if these are true, they are huge!

We’ve heard that our story will kick off with a couple of folks (John Boyega and Daisy Ridley) finding Luke Skywalker’s hand and setting off on a journey that will have them finding Han Solo, Chewbacca and the Millennium Falcon (and we’re guessing Oscar Isaac’s character as the Falcon has been passed on to him), all while trying to find the Jedi master.

On that front, Luke has been living a quiet and solitary life (like a certain mentor of his) and he is obsessed with tracking down and killing the Jedi killers known as the Inquisitors. Who are the Inquisitors? Why they are the villains in the upcoming Star Wars: Rebels TV series… makes sense with that whole synergy thing and all!

We’ve heard there will be a flashback that will show how the Inquisitors worked with a certain baddie, known as Darth Vader! Yes, folks, we believe this one… James Earl Jones, better get that voice warmed up!

We’re also getting word that those new Stormtrooper helmets we ran photos of last week, well, they’re going to get a big introduction on a snow planet where these Inquisitors will be building a major weapon in hopes of bringing a darkness to the universe once again.

A return of Darth Vader? Luke Skywalker’s hand? Isaac with Ford on the Falcon? Yes, yes, and yes, please!

We’ll all find out how it all plays out when Star Wars: Episode VII lands in theaters December 18, 2015.

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