The Expendables 3 Stars Best & Worst: Awesome and Awful Action

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The Expendables 3 brings together some of the biggest classic action movie stars of all time, from Mel Gibson to Sylvester Stallone to Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Although these guys have had iconic films, watch Terminator online for proof of that, they have also had a few misfires along the way as well. 

And would you believe that one of The Expendables 3 stars had their best action moment that can be seen when you watch Training Day online? Bet you didn't know about that one!

We count down the best action movies from the stars of The Expendables 3 and, of course, their absolute worst. And to get you in the mood for the arrival of The Expendables 3 in theaters, go back to the beginning and watch The Expendables online.

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