Weekend Movie Preview: August 1, 2014

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The weekend movie preview could not be more thrilled that it is August 1. That means one thing: Guardians of the Galaxy is finally here! 

But that Marvel movie is not alone in bringing the awesome this first week of the last month of the summer movie season. Get On Up lands in theaters and could not be more of a perfect biopic of the legendary Godfather of Soul, Mr. James Brown. 

And Woody Allen is back in the romantic comedy business with Magic in the Moonlight, starring a fantastic Colin Firth and an utterly sublime Emma Stone. 

Let's break it down. 

Guardians of the Galaxy: Marvel unleashes its newest set of superheroes and it is nothing short of brilliant. Director James Gunn has set the standard for how one executes an incredible origins story, as we explore in our Guardians of the Galaxy review. Chris Pratt gives a star-making performance as Star Lord and you will not believe how real and emotionally compelling the CG characters are with Bradley Cooper voicing Rocket Raccoon and Vin Diesel voicing Groot. 

Get On Up: Brown's incredible life story gets the big screen treatment from the director who brought us The Help, Tate Taylor. And Chadwick Boseman follows up his role as Jackie Robinson in 42 with a stunning turn as the Godfather of Soul. The film plays with the timeline and breaks the fourth wall with Brown addressing the audience throughout. As we stated in our Get On Up review, it all works and is quite the funky film.

Magic in the Moonlight: Allen is back for another summer rom-com and this time out, it more misses than hits. Colin Firth shines as a magician who lives for debunking people who claim they can speak with the dead. And Emma Stone is fantastic as the woman who may just be the real thing. But, as we reported in our Magic in the Moonlight review, this is not one of Allen's best, by a long shot.

Feel like staying in this weekend? Several titles have arrived on digital download. See Russell Crowe as an iconic biblical hero and watch Noah online, check out the faith-based true story and watch Heaven Is For Real online and check out Arnold Schwarzenegger back in action and watch Sabotage online

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