When the Game Stands Tall Exclusive: Michael Chiklis Calls Jim Caviezel a “Goofball!”

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There is an incredible true story coming to screens this week with When the Game Stands Tall. It follows the De La Salle high school football team that won a record-setting (for any sport, pro or amateur) 151 games.

But, the film isn’t just about the streak. It’s also about what happens when the winning stops, albeit for a moment, and a group of young men and their coaches have to dig deep to rediscover what it means to win, and even if winning is everything.

Check out the When the Game Stands Tall trailer and you’ll see the casting of Jim Caviezel as head coach Bob Ladouceur and Michael Chiklis as assistant coach Terry Eidson is impeccable.

We caught up with Caviezel and Chiklis for an exclusive video interview where the duo talked about the joys of their onscreen partnership plus how this film is about so much more than football and that’s what compelled these two esteemed actors to the true story project.

First, we love Chiklis’ admitting his revelation when meeting Caviezel. “People surprise you,” Chiklis said.

Caviezel laughed and was taken aback. “He thought I was a Jesus freak,” Caviezel said and laughed. Well, considering he was Jesus in The Passion of the Christ, it could be an easy assumption.

“He’s kind of a goofball,” Chiklis admitted. “We laughed a lot.”

In the above interview, we ask both men what most impressed them about these two real life coaches that they portray in When the Game Stands Tall from their discussions in getting ready for the movie. “I bring up this word, ‘Authentic,’” Caviezel said of the two men -- and that's just the beginning.

It is truly a remarkable story about family, faith and football… in that order.  

And be sure to check out Caviezel in that aforementioned role and watch The Passion of the Christ online.

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