11 Best The Equalizer Quotes: What Do You See When You Look at Me?

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The Equalizer ruled the box office and has given Denzel Washington another hit movie. The Antoine Fuqua-directed film reunited the helmer with his Training Day star and in the process, they kicked some serious butt. 

Those Training Day quotes have stood the test of time and we think some of the best lines from The Equalizer will as well. 

Most action films give its hero some tasty one-liners to deliver and The Equalizer is no different -- although the action (and the verbage) is much smarter than your average actioner. 

Click through to discover our 11 best The Equalizer quotes from Denzel and the rest of the stellar cast. 

And to catch Washington and Fuqua in their first fantastic flick together, watch Training Day online right now!

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The Equalizer Quotes

Teri: What's your book about?
Robert McCall: It's about a guy who is a knight in shining armor, except he lives in a world where knights don't exist anymore.

Ralphie: [asking about Robert's hurt hand] What happened?
Robert McCall: I hit it on something stupid.

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