11 Worst Football Movies: Film Fumbles

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Are you ready for some football?

As the football season begins anew here in America, nothing gets you in the mood for a quality football film like seeing it for real. 

Watch Remember the Titans online and there's one of our faves of all time. 

But, nothing can ruin a good football feeling like a terrible football movie. So, might we recommend avoiding the following 11 films that we believe are the worst of the worst of the gridiron flicks.

We've shown you our 7 football movies that score a touchdown, so now it's time for the titans of terrible. 

And maybe it's us, there's one on our list that could divide the masses -- some like it, some do not (like us). Watch Varsity Blues online and let us know if we fumbled the ball on that one! 

Click through and check out our 11 worst football movies... and welcome back, football!

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