13 '90s Films That Could Be a Remake: Nineties Movies Made Anew

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With the news that I Know What You Did Last Summer is getting the remake treatment, it seems that all the '90s films we loved seem to be getting redone.

Given that fact and that it is inevitable that movies we adore become remakes, might we suggest some '90s films that could work as remakes and would actually contribute something rather than be a full-on cash grab.

It may be blasphemy, but watch You’ve Got Mail online, and with its dated AOL email landscape, imagine what could be done with that rom-com today with IM, smart phones and video chats? There’s one!

Watch Space Jam online and that '90s Michael Jordan cross with our fave WB animated characters could easily be brought into modern times, but with whom as the star? We have an idea!

Click through and discover our 13 '90s movies that could easily become a remake.

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