13 Movies That Get History Wrong: Hollywood Not-So-True Stories

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Hollywood loves to tell the real life stories of the men and women over the course of history that have made their mark. We all know that Braveheart was a real man, William Wallace, and that he is huge in Scottish history for trying to forge, “Freeeeedom!”

But, how accurate is the Oscar-winning Mel Gibson film compared to what really happened?

We have found 13 blockbuster Hollywood films that claim to have painted a picture of history that inspires, when in fact what truly occurred is not even remotely close to what entertained (and enlightened) us on the big screen.

Watch 300 online, and no, that is not even close to what happened in the Battle of Thermopylae. And when you watch Gladiator online, sure, that is pure fiction from Ridley Scott. But there are numerous characters, like Joaquin Phoenix’s, who really existed and their portrayal is nothing short of complete and utter fabrication.

Click through our slideshow below and discover 13 movies that got history all sorts of wrong, and what really happened in these stories, as opposed to what Hollywood has told us occurred. 

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