13 Sensational Comedy Sequels: Funny Times Two

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Comedies are difficult to make, there is no question. For every film that is fantastically funny, there are hundreds that fall flat. 

So, coming up with a comedy sequel has to be damn near impossible!

But, we found 13 comedy sequels that not only work, but many manage to up the funny factor in the most fantastic of ways. 

With those Anchorman quotes so popular, filmmakers had their hands full coming up with a sequel. If you watch Anchorman 2 online, you'll see they more than succeeded. 

We went back and looked over the history of the comedy sequel and named a lucky 13 that are our favorites. 

Watch Back to the Future Part II online for one that you know has to be on our list. 

What other comedy follow-ups make the cut? 

Click through and discover our 13 comedy sequels that work. 

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