15 Big Stars and the Movies They Did Not Get: Awful Auditions!

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Ask any actor or actress, you can have all the talent in the world and if you don’t nail the audition, none of that matters.

We found 15 huge Hollywood stars who have immense gifts in the acting department that auditioned for roles that iconically went to someone else.

What’s fascinating is every single one of these, the director and the casting director clearly made the right choice. Watch Django Unchained online, and can you see Will Smith instead of Jamie Foxx? No! Just no!

And what about when you watch The Breakfast Club online, can you see Nicolas Cage in it -- in an capacity?!

Those are just two of the 15 big stars we found who auditioned for parts in some of our favorite movies, who didn’t nail the audition, and the role legendarily went to someone else.

Click through and see which 15 didn’t have a good audition day!

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